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16 pawsome Mother’s Day gifts for every type of dog mom

Recognize the dog mom in your life with these thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts — because caring for four-legged family members ain’t easy!

Being a dog mom is a special and rewarding experience filled with love, cuddles, and sometimes… chewed-up slippers. It takes patience, dedication, and lots of belly rubs. As Mother’s Day 2024 approaches (mark your calendars for Sunday, May 12!), there’s no better time to celebrate the bond between dog moms and their fur kids.

To help you do that, I’ve compiled a list of 15 pawsome Mother’s Day gifts for every type of dog mom — from the outdoor adventurer to the WFHer. These handpicked presents will surely make her feel appreciated for all her hard work.

dog mom hugging her pug

Source: Gustavo Fring

1. For the tech-savvy dog mom: Furbo dog camera ($168)

The coveted Furbo 360° dog camera is pawfect for the modern dog mom who wants to stay connected with her pup while not at home. She can watch her furry bestie through a high-quality video live feed, toss treats, and talk to them — all from her smartphone. It’ll even tell her when they’re barking, so she knows to check on them and ensure their safety.

furbo dog camera

2. For the dog mom who works from home: Accent pillow ($23)

If the dog mom in your life has a home office, chances are, her furry coworker is always by her side. This “reserved for the dog” linen cover ($13) comes in three stunning colors — green, pink, and yellow. It fits a 12×20-inch pillow insert (sold separately) and sits nicely on a dog sofa or bed. For a complete gift, pair the cover with a soft pillow insert ($10). This combo will be a hit for the hardworking dog mom and her sweet assistant.

reserved for the dog pillow cover

3. For the dog mom who’s always on the go: Stainless steel water bottle ($23)

Staying hydrated is essential for dog moms and their outdoorsy pups. This Rubyloo 32 oz stainless steel water bottle has a mini dog bowl attached at the bottom. It’s ideal for long hikes, beach days, or park visits — keeping her water refreshingly cool while giving her little one a clean portable bowl to drink from.

dog and human water bottle

4. For the dog mom who enjoys baking: Goodbone dog treat maker ($30)

This handy dog treat maker lets mom spoil her pooch with delicious and healthy homemade treats. She can make six at a time, using her favorite recipe or the ones in the included Cuisinart recipe book. The compact design makes it easy to store in a kitchen cabinet when not in use.

dog treat maker

5. For the mom who loves capturing memories with her pup: Frameo digital photo frame ($150)

Moments are fleeting but memories are forever with this 15.6-inch WiFi digital photo frame. It features plenty of storage and a beautiful touchscreen display. Immediately after unboxing, she can easily add photos and short videos of her and her dog from her phone. Hung on the wall or placed on a shelf, it’s a constant reminder of their tight bond.

frameo digital photo frame

6. For the dog mom who’s a fitness junkie: Hands-free dog leash ($22)

The active gal who loves to exercise with her furry companion will appreciate this hands-free dog leash. Available in more than 10 colors, it features a comfy waist belt with soft pads, a zipper pouch, handles for control, and a strong bungee leash for dogs up to 120 pounds. Whether running, hiking, or biking, this leash keeps the duo in sync and ready for any adventure.

hands-free dog leash

7. For the dog mom who can’t stand a stinky house: Aromatherapy candle ($14)

This hilarious candle that says “Light me when the dog farts” adds character to her home. The soy candle emanates a lovely lavender scent to cover up any bad odors. It’s a silly yet useful gift that will make her laugh whenever she lights it.

light me when the dog farts candle

8. For the dog mom who’s always cold: Personalized sweater ($20)

The IZI POD embroidered crewneck can be customized with mom’s and dog’s names on the sleeve, making it one-of-a-kind. It’ll keep her cozy and show off her proud dog mom status whether she’s snuggling with her furry BFF or running errands.

dog mom personalized sweater

9. For the dog mom who can’t function without coffee: Ceramic mug ($13)

“I work hard so my dog can have a better life” — we all know someone who can relate to this phrase. Start her day off right with this 11 oz mug that celebrates her unwavering dedication to her four-legged family member. It’s a fantastic Mother’s Day gift that inspires her to keep being the world’s best dog mom she is.

I work hard so my dog can have a better life mug

10. For the homebody dog mom: Vuori’s Performance Joggers ($94)

These women’s joggers are the ultimate loungewear upgrade. Comfy and versatile, they’re amazing for walking, napping, brunching, or traveling with her pup. The soft, stretchy material and flattering fit make them mom’s go-to pants for everything. Get 20% off your first Vuori online purchase by clicking here!

vuori performance jogger worn on human

11. For the stylish dog mom: Matching set ($9)

This adorable matching bandana and scrunchie set lets mom twin with her furry bestie. The stylish bandana makes her pup look dapper, while the matching scrunchie keeps her hair tidy for dog walks.

mom and dog matching set bandana and scrunchie

12. For the mom training her puppy: Crazy Dog Train-Me! Treats ($19)

Who said training has to be difficult? This dog treat bundle has three yummy flavors — bacon, chicken, and beef — that encourage her puppy to stay focused and motivated during training. These treats are only half a calorie each, so she can generously reward excellent behavior without worrying about weight gain or upset tummies.

train me treats

13. For the mom who takes her pooch everywhere: Dog travel bag ($43)

This stylish and practical dog travel bag makes flying and road-tripping a breeze. The airline-approved tote has many pockets to store the basics, two food containers, two collapsible bowls, and a feeding mat — everything a dog mom would need to keep her pup comfy and well-fed on the go.

dog travel bag

14. For the dog mom who’s a new homeowner: Welcome doormat ($25)

A Mother’s Day gift that doubles up as a unique housewarming gift? I got you! Welcome guests to her new home with this funny, relatable dog mat that says “Dogs welcome (people tolerated).” This 30×17-inch doormat adds personality to her entryway and reminds everyone who really owns the house.

dogs welcome people tolerated welcome doormat

15. For the beach-obsessed mom-pup duo: Stake anchor ($17)

This heavy-duty tie-out stake is a must-have for stress-free beach days. It’s portable and easy to put in sand, grass, or dirt. Dogs of all sizes can explore and play while mom relaxes under the sun. With this stake, she’ll enjoy a peaceful day at the beach knowing her pup is secure and happy by her side.

beach dog stake

16. For any dog mom: Fun greeting card ($6)

You don’t have to spend a fortune to show your favorite dog mom you care. This humorous card that says, “Mom, there’s nobody I’d rather have by my side… awkwardly waiting while I poop. Happy Mother’s Day!” is designed to be from her fur child. The inside is blank, so you can write all the heartwarming words you wish. Want an extra creative touch? Add paw print stamps as a “signature” from her beloved dog!

funny poop card from dog for mother's day

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