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Is Flodesk worth it in 2024? Features, pricing, and alternatives review

After a year of building my email list with Flodesk, I reviewed the platform’s offerings to help you decide if it’s right for your needs.

Flodesk at a glance

Flodesk impresses with its user-friendly interface and stunning email templates that make it easy to create beautiful campaigns. However, its lack of tiered pricing may give pause to businesses with smaller email lists.

Fast facts

  • This San Francisco-based email marketing software company was founded in 2018 by Martha Bitar, Rebecca Shostak, and Trong Dong
  • Flodesk marries simplicity with aesthetics, helping users create visually appealing email campaigns
  • It offers a simple pricing structure — for a flat monthly fee, enjoy unlimited access to features regardless of subscriber count

The good

Flodesk is a breeze to figure out and use, even if you’re new to email marketing. You can drag and drop elements to make your campaigns look high-end without coding or design skills. With Flodesk’s variety of fonts and stylistic features, making emails match your branding is effortless.

The not-so-good

Flodesk’s pricing is high for businesses with small audiences. It costs $420 a year — even if you only have, say, 500 subscribers. Another downside is you can only contact customer support by email, so it might take a while to get help when you need it. Unlike platforms like Klaviyo, Flodesk doesn’t offer native SMS features for online stores. You must integrate it with third-party software like Zapier.

flodesk home page screenshot

A closer look at Flodesk’s pros and cons

Flodesk is excellent for creators and business owners who have never started a newsletter. You can access graphics and GIFs directly on the platform without using third-party apps like Canva. When properly set up, its email deliverability rate is incredible — often 99% if not 100%.

But it isn’t for small businesses seeking a free plan. Those starting from scratch may want to consider options like ConvertKit or beehiiv — both offer free plans for lists under 1,000 and 2,500 subscribers, respectively. Flodesk also lacks features other email marketing services have, like A/B testing for email content and live chat support.

Great price for those with large email lists of 2,500+ subscribersExpensive for smaller email lists with under 2,500 subscribers
Very intuitive interface for email marketing beginnersNo A/B test feature for email content
Customizable form and email templatesNo phone or live chat support

How much does Flodesk cost?

Flodesk has a 30-day free trial, so you can try it before you pay. After that, it costs $35 per month no matter how many subscribers you have. This price includes all the essential features you need for email marketing like audience segmentation, automation workflows, analytics, forms, landing pages, and email templates.

The company’s simple pricing structure is ideal for businesses with thousands of subscribers because the price doesn’t increase as email lists grow. But it might be too much for new creators or those with limited budgets, especially after the first year.

Author’s tip: Get a 50% discount on your first year with my Flodesk coupon code. Another way to save money is by sharing your unique affiliate link on social media or in your emails. You’ll get $19 sent to your PayPal account for each person who signs up using your link.

flodesk pricing

What features and services does Flodesk offer?

Flodesk’s clean analytics dashboard lets you easily track open rates, link clicks, and other key metrics to see how your emails are doing. From there, you can tweak your email marketing strategy based on real data. Creating forms, landing pages, and email campaigns is also simple thanks to its drag-and-drop functionality. Its audience segmentation feature lets you divide your email list into smaller groups based on things like interests or behavior.

However, Flodesk could be even better if it had A/B testing for email content. This would allow users to send two different versions of an email to see which one performs better. While its customer support team replies fairly quickly, having a live chat or phone support option would be helpful for urgent issues. Lastly, I’d love to see a free plan for businesses with a certain number of subscribers. Even a low threshold like 250 or 500 subscribers would be better than not having a free option for those with small email lists, considering other major email marketing platforms do.

flodesk offerings and features

Below is a breakdown of Flodesk’s features and services in a nutshell:

A/B testing for email content
Analytics dashboard
Audience segmentation
Automation workflows
Checkouts for selling products
Drag-and-drop features
Free trial✓ (30 days)
Forms and landing pages
High email deliverability rate
Instant support via phone or live chat
Link in bio
Media library
Progressive pricing
Responsive email templates
SMS tools
Unlimited subscribers

Flodesk customer service and experience

You can expect friendly service when you need help from Flodesk. Representatives respond to emails within two business days after you submit a support ticket to support@flodesk.com.

After joining, I had trouble verifying my domain after switching email addresses. I contacted support and they sent me detailed troubleshooting steps within a day. When those didn’t work, they had someone fix the issue for me on the back end. While it would have been nice to chat with someone live for faster support, I was happy with the swift service I got.

Customers have mixed experiences with Flodesk, but overall, it has high ratings online.

Krittika M., a small business owner, gave Flodesk a 4-star rating on G2, recommending it to non-tech-savvy people who want nice emails with minimal work. She noted that “newsletters barely end up in spam,” which is a good sign — nobody wants to spend hours crafting emails no one will see. However, she mentioned that Flodesk “has limited functionality [and the pricing model] works better for people with large audiences.”

In contrast, Stephanie J., a marketing and advertising professional, left a 2-star review for Flodesk on GetApp. While she found it “affordable compared to more robust programs” and “easy to use, set up, and customize,” she also said it’s limiting. She pointed out, “You can’t segment beyond the basics, can’t A/B test text or anything… I’d like to test to write better emails.” This might make it difficult for businesses to create the most effective email campaigns.

How does Flodesk stack up to its competitors?

Flodesk is a solid choice for building a community and marketing your offers, but other platforms could be better depending on your needs.

Here’s how it stacks up to three major competitors:

Flodesk vs. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a promising option for creators and business owners wanting to grow their email lists quickly.

convertkit email marketing home page

Blair Sharp, Creator of the “Hey Freelancer!” newsletter, started with Flodesk but switched to ConvertKit. She wanted to use ConvertKit’s Creator Network, where “you choose other newsletter writers to recommend, and they recommend you.” This can help you get more subscribers faster than with Flodesk, which doesn’t have a similar feature.

blair sharp convertkit creator network sneak peek

Source: Blair Sharp

The Creator plans start at $9 per month. But ConvertKit just came out with a FREE newsletter plan for those with less than 10,000 (!!!) subscribers not needing the bells and whistles like unlimited visual automation and sequences, full flexibility with Recommendations, and integrations. It’s incredible if your main goal is to build an audience through email.

ConvertKit’s main drawback is it costs more as your subscriber list grows — assuming you choose the Creator or Creator Pro plan. Flodesk doesn’t have multiple plans and charges the same price no matter how many subscribers you have.

Flodesk vs. beehiiv

beehiiv is fantastic for independent writers who don’t have websites but want to start publishing online. It’s free for up to 2,500 subscribers, which is nice if you’re just starting. One cool thing about beehiiv is it shows all your past newsletter issues on a public page, so people can peruse your content before subscribing.

beehiiv email marketing home page

Email newsletter writer, Neil Kollipara, said he’s a huge fan of beehiiv: “As I grow my brand and newsletter, I want to have a place where people can preview some of my stuff before they invite me into their inbox.” New subscribers can also visit this page to catch up on previous newsletter issues.

mission dominate neil kollipara newsletter on beehiiv

Source: Mission Dominate

Flodesk doesn’t have this feature. You can share individual newsletter links with people, but there’s no native RSS feed where readers can browse your past issues at once. If you want to give potential subscribers a taste of your content, beehiiv is the better choice.

Flodesk vs. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a powerful email marketing tool specifically designed for eCommerce businesses. It has advanced features like SMS messaging and AI features to predict future order dates and customer lifetime value that Flodesk doesn’t offer.

klaviyo email marketing home page

Flavia Gabriel, Founder of a stationery store, The Fabulous Planner, chose Klaviyo for her email marketing needs. She said, “I especially love Klaviyo’s Analytics feature. You can easily segment your top customers, people who haven’t bought in a while, etc. so you can send them highly personalized emails.”

The downside of Klaviyo is it gets expensive quickly as your email list grows. “I have around 10,000 subscribers and pay $150 a month, which adds up fast over the years,” Gabriel explained. If you have a big list but don’t need all the eCommerce-specific features, Flodesk’s flat pricing is cheaper in the long run.

Competitor comparison at a glance

The below table overviews how Flodesk compares to ConvertKit, beehiiv, and Klaviyo:

PlatformBest for…CostNoteworthy features
FlodeskBusinesses with large email lists$35/month regardless of sub countEveryone pays the same each month for unlimited subscribers and features
ConvertKitCreators and solopreneurs$0 to $2,599/month depending on sub count and planCreator Network allows you to discover and get discovered by other creators
beehiivIndependent writers without a website$0 to $399/month depending on sub count and planGenerous free plan allows 2,500 subscribers
KlaviyoeCommerce business owners$0 to $2,300/month depending on sub countAI predictive tools, automated flows for SMS, cart abandons, cross-sells, etc.

The bottom line

After looking at Flodesk’s offerings and comparing them to other email marketing platforms, it’s clear that Flodesk is a smart choice for people who prioritize aesthetics and want an easy-to-use platform. If you’re a creative professional, like a blogger, artist, or photographer, you’ll likely love Flodesk’s elegant templates and drag-and-drop editor. And if you have a big email list, Flodesk’s flat fee of $35/month will save you heaps of money over time.

However, Flodesk isn’t the best fit if you’re an eCommerce business owner needing advanced features like seamless integrations with Shopify. You’d be better off with a more specialized platform like Klaviyo. Finally, if you’re starting with no email list, you may prefer a platform like beehiiv or ConvertKit that offers a free plan.

Author’s thoughts

A year ago, I started building my first email list and sent weekly newsletter issues with Flodesk. While I absolutely love its user-friendly interface and pretty templates, I’ve decided to switch to ConvertKit. The $420 annual price tag is difficult to justify for my intimate email list, especially since I’m not currently monetizing my newsletter. My primary goal is to connect with my community outside of social media, and ConvertKit’s new free Newsletter plan is a better fit at this stage.

Frequently asked questions

Is Flodesk free?

Flodesk doesn’t have a free plan like other popular email marketing platforms. But it offers a 30-day free trial to explore its features in-depth. You don’t need to provide credit card information until you commit.

Does Flodesk have an app?

As of now, Flodesk doesn’t have a mobile app. To use Flodesk, you must log in to its website on a computer, tablet, or phone browser.

Can I sell digital products with Flodesk?

Yes, you can use Flodesk to market and sell digital products, including courses, services, and e-guides. The platform allows you to drive urgency with discounts, deliver downloadable goods automatically upon receiving payment, and get more sales with upsells.

Does Flodesk have landing pages?

Yes, Flodesk offers landing pages for businesses who want to build an email list but don’t have a website yet. You can create different ones for separate offers or businesses, directing customers to the appropriate ones. When people subscribe through a specific landing page, Flodesk adds them to the corresponding segment and triggers your tailored workflow to send them relevant emails, freebies, etc.

How many subscribers can I have on Flodesk?

You can have an unlimited number of subscribers with no change in price if you choose Flodesk. This differs from other email marketing platforms that charge more as your subscriber count grows.

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